Dry-humoured midult, marketeer, mum, meditation teacher, content developer and novelist (in no particular order). Helping people to be happier @lougibbons

Aren’t we all? Finding that space where you belong

Lending their names to electronics and the offspring of the rich and famous, fruits are generally held in high esteem, and yet the Chinese Gooseberry was renamed after a bird to become the kiwi we know today.

Rumour has it, the flightless creature was the only thing in the immediate…

And why it doesn’t excite bulls and chickens in the same way!

Sourced from Canva

Ever wondered what messages different colours convey, and why?

The marketing industry wonders about it a lot, and puts even more money into understanding it.

Colour is a fascinating thing, our appreciation of it being entirely perception-based. Colours are known to hold different subliminal associations and to trigger certain responses.

Stock market crashes and the death of an Emperor!

Sourced from Canva

We are surrounded by green, aren’t we? It is the colour of renewal and nature. In fact, as the colour with the largest number of recognised shades, it is often cited as the people’s choice … after blue.

You are probably well aware that our appreciation of colour is entirely…

Lou Gibbons

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